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1933 à 1934
Once the monument is erected in Quito, René Letourneur goes back to working on commissions from architects such as Horn, Hourlier, Laborie, Leconte, and Maistrasse, etc.
Buste de Jean Hourlier 1928René Letourneur 1939Antonia et Anne en 1936
Low-relief "Le Tabac" (the Tobacconist), on the corner of Quai d'Orsay and Rue Nicot in Paris, architect: Leconte and two major low-reliefs and three stone masks, direct carving, for the façade of the théâtre de Suresnes (now the théâtre Jean Vilar), architect: Maistrasse.
Works on the Paris International Exhibition.
Decoration for the Place de la Concorde to mark the official visit of the British sovereigns, architect: Eugène Beaudoin.
1939 Order for a monument to Jean Jaurès for the Salles des Etats in Albi (Tarn), architect: Laborie.
Called up to serve as captain in the French army.
1940 Becomes an active member of the French resistance.
1937 à 1943 exhibits regularly at the Salon des Arts Décoratifs, les Jardins des Tuileries, and the Salon d'Automne through to 1963. Writes for the Panorama review before becoming editor.
1944 Réné Letourneur publishes "la sculpture française contemporaine" (French contemporary sculpture), les documents d'art, Monaco, April 1944.
1950 Appointed Secretary General of the Syndicat National des Sculpteurs Statuaires Professionnels Créateurs founded by the sculptor Risal. He works tirelessly for the organisation in order to obtain application of the recently passed "1% law" (requiring 1% of expenditure on renovation, extension or construction of public buildings to be set aside for a specially created work of art) and defend social security coverage for artists.
1953 From this year through to 1971, René Letourneur works regularly for the "1% law" and Public Works. He produces drawings, stone and marble figures, and polychrome engraved stone pieces for his own pleasure.
1954 Alençon war memorial.
1955 Statue of Notre Dame de Victoire on the façade of the Saint-Louis church in Lorient. Rebuilt and renamed Notre Dame de Victoire.